Cyber Hut is one of the leading internet service provider ISP (Cat-A) in Dhaka- Kafrul, Ibrahimpur, Kachukhet, Senpara Porbota etc . The company was formed in 09, May 2003. We provide faster internet connection for home, office and corporate user’s according to the need of customer’s aspiration. We have 14 years experienced and expert support team to provide any solution about broadband internet within a short time. We are currently service more than 700 home users across our area, We believe that the quality that we ensure has enabled us to stay ahead in the current competitive market.

Ibrahimpur Area:Jilpar Jama Masjid (Pakar matah),Sharkar Bhanban, Kamal Khan Road, Ibrahimpur Bazar Road, Riaz Public School, Bhuiyan babu Road, Jilpar, Nahar Bakary,Hards Line Goly, Eid-gha Road, Simul toli, Habibullah Road, Sijoni Sorak, Old sonaly bank, Primery School road, Monipur School, Joratoli Modi ghor, Ahdossopolli, Anondu road, Gadu Madbor road, Mamberbari Masjid, Modhopera Jama Masjid, Pulpar, North Kafrul School, South Kafrul, Cika Bazar, Etc.

Cyber Hut Broadband offers high-speed data, voice and video services through the Broadband Internet. Primarily, it offers high speed Internet services to residential, corporate and SME customers. For corporate and SME customers you offers dedicated leased line to enable them to send huge amounts of data.

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